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SANSERVICE specialises in cleaning, disinfection, sanitation and pest control services through the use of innovative and cutting-edge techniques.

It offers deep cleaning and sanitisation of indoor environments (rooms, hallways, common areas, dining areas, spa areas, convention centres, goods storage rooms, kitchens) and outside (common areas, poolside sunbathing areas, sports areas, bathing establishments, etc.)

Sanitisation of outside areas is carried out by spraying, nebulising and atomising certified sanitising products, or by ozonation, in accordance with ministerial provisions.

These interventions prevent and eliminate the presence of viruses (including COVID19) and other pathogens.

Cleaning and sanitisation interventions are evaluated according to the technical and environmental characteristics of the area to be treated, in order to ensure the protection and safeguarding of people, environments and materials.

Sanservice is able to provide all the necessary material for the prevention of the spread and contagion of the virus (e.g. paraphyte protective screens for counters) and the supports necessary for social distancing and reduced human contact.

Sanservice also offers pest control services.

Thanks to the long-standing expertise of Sanservice’s environmental protection staff, technical advice is also provided in the proper management of waste collection.


Sanservice takes care of all professional cleaning activities necessary for the sanitisation actions immediately following:

Deep cleaning of establishments and rooms

Deep cleaning of large flooring areas using dry cleaners

Use of motor and hand sweepers for interventions both in large spaces as well as on roads and avenues

Cleaning swimming pools and disinfection of the poolside area



High-tech air purifiers to keep the bacterial and virological count under control in enclosed spaces

Ozoniser for use in environments and on textiles

Sanitising tunnels

High-pressure sprayer for washing and sanitising external flooring

Atomiser for dual sanitising and pest control function

Nebuliser for sanitising outdoor furniture (sunbeds, umbrellas, tables, chairs, walkways, etc.)

Sanitation stations for: goods from external suppliers, luggage, clothing and linen

PPE distribution devices

Installation of totems for the distribution of sanitising hand gel, face masks, disposable nitrile gloves

Installation of countertop protective screens

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Provision of the best types of air purifiers for any space.

The use of air purifiers results in

A reduction in the spread of bacterial and viral diseases

The completion of odour elimination in a short time

A dramatic reduction in the multiplication of mites

SANSERVICE provides the necessary tools for social distancing and the installation throughout the congressional area of totems for the distribution of personal protective equipment (gloves, face masks…).


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